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Guitar with built-in recording studio

Guitar with built-in recording studio, F Home Studio system embedded on the side of the guitar. F Home Studio is a multitrack recording system that allows you to record / play your creations without the need of any other device, it's a wireless studio.
The guitar is concert guitar of Indian rosewood with an asymmetrical (cutaway-like) design.
F Home Studio is a touchscreen device that allows you to make high quality recordings “on the go” using the built-in microphone.
This guitar allows you to play live, amplifying the instrument through the speaker that also incorporates in a side, without need of any cable, so that you could record an accompaniment and then improvise on it, amplifying the guitar and the accompaniment or bases directly with the guitar itself, with absolutely no cable coming out of it, although the guitar also incorporates a traditional jack output located at the bottom to be able to amplify it using traditional systems.
In addition, the system incorporates a good number of rhythmic bases of flamenco, rock and pop already prerecorded.
Below you can see videos of the F Home Studio system.

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