The video is a review of the cheapest electric guitar available on Amazon. Fluff mentions that he often receives questions about what the best product is for the least amount of money. This led him to search for and purchase the cheapest electric guitar on Amazon, which he found for $75.95.

The guitar is from the Viper brand, produced by B Guitars and is part of the EG series. It comes in a black color and measures 39 inches. Fluff comments on the overall quality of the guitar, from the carrying case to the construction details such as the body, bridge, and neck. He also mentions that the guitar is incredibly lightweight and comes with a low-quality patch cord, but no whammy bar.

After tuning the guitar, Fluff plays some notes and chords to demonstrate how it sounds. He mentions that the string action is quite high and that the neck feels like a chopstick. Despite these observations, he states that the guitar is not terrible and that, for $75, it’s what one could expect.

Fluff suggests that this budget guitar would be suitable for a child who is unsure about whether they want to learn to play the guitar, as a prop, or even to break or set on fire during a performance.